Information Meeting for 2017 2018
Wednesday, September 6 
Saint Margaret Parish Hall, Oceanside 
Meet-n-Greet 12 - 1
Parent info 1 - 2:30
Bring the children, toys, books or games to keep them busy & water / snacks.
You are also welcome to attend the morning retreat from 9 - 12 am the same day to get to know our community!
Click link below for a copy of the Info meeting notes and agenda.
Information Meeting Agenda / notes  (office .doc)

If you wish to get in touch, please use the contact form on the Registration page.

2017 - 2018

Meetings begin Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 8:45 am in the Saint Margaret Parish Hall in Oceanside.

Please see Fall Schedule page for a schedule and course descriptions.

Pre-School Program
:  9 - 11:15am.  Parent & me.  Academic and faith based fun!

Elementary & Middle School (grade restrictions on some classes):
Five blocks to choose among.  Most classes are self-contained (little or no prep or hw required)
Science & Arts Block:   Science Labs (hands on!)  alternate with Art instruction & Literature
Spanish Block:  NEW!! Conversation based, activities, songs & games.  Native speakers teaching.
History Block:  Trace history through the Old Testament as it intersects with ancient civilizations.
Enrichment Block 1 & 2: Options currently include Creative writing, Playground P.E. & Dance, Irish Dance, Crafternoon group, Literature discussion group, Games & Teams (different subject each month), Speech & Debate 

High School:
Physics Lab: Fantastic hands on lab opportunity!  Some prep required.
Key of Liberty:  American History & Government course focusing on the founding of the U.S.
Creative Writing:  Highlight of the class is the guided and exciting writing process, but enjoyable activities encourage essential skills.  Passionate praise from students and parents!! 
Speech & Debate:  Learn and practice essential speech forms, impromptu speaking and ultimately debate techniques (not for use on your parents!).
Most Enrichment Block classes also open to HS students