Our Lady of Joy Co-operative is a collection of families, most Catholic & homeschooling, who combine their gifts and talents for the spiritual, academic and social benefit of our children.  We support one another in keeping the God given Joy of Family Life, well, JOYFUL!  

Our purpose is to support one another in allowing the True Catholic Faith to permeate the lives and education of our children and to create an opportunity for fellowship in that Faith with like-minded families.  
Please check back to see more information about the formal structure and goals of OLJ co-op.  It will be updated and completed soon!

Our Lady of Joy Co-op:

We are:
*family oriented, recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children.

*faith based first, devoted to the magisterium of the Catholic Church and all her teachings.

* committed to fostering the virtues in our children & in ourselves.

* value traditional manners & signs of respect

* a volunteer community wherein the contribution of each member family is necessary to see our purpose fulfilled.