CO-OP requirements  
- Families will be committed to participating in prayer during the period of their attendance (morning or afternoon or both).
- Families will be assigned duties on a rotating basis to include clean up check list, prayer leadership and hall monitor.
- A parent or adult family member will be onsite for the majority of class time participation.  Contact director for special  specific circumstances requiring exception.
- All families will take on a responsibility in accordance with their family life & participation level (and state in life) that supports the organization, communication, teaching, preparation or faith work in order to keep our co-op strong and on course.

If you have trouble with any of the either of the above forms or simply would like more information regarding OLJ Co-op, notify us below:

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For Registration, Please Follow these steps:


1. Download the 2017 Family Registration  document .

2. Save the registration form, inserting your family name in the title.

(  i.e.  2017 PAUL family registration  )

3. Review the document using the information below for some explanation of particular terms. 

4. Complete the form, referencing the information below regarding rating children’s skills.

5. Be certain that you  add notes at bottom of form. These notes are critical for teaching and planning to work best!  Include information on dietary restrictions, allergies, learning issues, physical issues, social issues and so on.

6. Save! Save! Save! the form.

7.  EMAIL the saved document (the title of which includes your family last name)  to

       [email protected]

OR  you may print your complete document and scan it or take a photo of it to send to the director

       via the email above, text or her personal email.

Reg Form explanations....

Co-op Parent”: If another person regularly acts in your place as the adult responsible for your children while at co-op, note this here.

"Role":  Relationship in or to the family (i.e. mom, uncle, family friend....)

Rating Categories:

Reading: Personal ability to decode text book, informational, fiction

(as impacts class time or homework)

Print/ Cursive: Personal ability to communicate effectively/ neatly

Writing: Ability to put thoughts into sentence/ paragraph form to communicate ideas.

Group Learning: Ability to work cooperatively or independently in class without reminders.

work cooperatively or independently in class of parent help.

Personal Effort: Ability to willingly focus, participate, complete tasks without reminders.

Rating directions:

0: no appreciable skill yet developed (parent & me)

1: developing skill, needs great deal of guidance, activity/ hands on oriented

2: mostly independent, needs guidance at times, basic skill attained

3. independent in basic skills, thinking, communicating

4. solid skills, capable of independent participation, discussion & communication

5. capable of reliable high school level independent preparation, participation, discussion, analysis & communication